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‘Freshniss’ Cotton T-shirt: Everyone’s Wardrobe Essential

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About The Product

 The Frehniss Cotton T-shirt is a perfect combination of ease and fashion, meant to turn your everyday activities into representations of your fashion sense. 

The Tiny Spark Shop, where we’re about to ignite your wardrobe with the exclusive ‘Freshniss’ cotton T-shirt – an authentic experience of comfort and style that goes beyond the normal.

'Freshniss' Cotton T-shirt

Anime Enchantment in “Brocco Kong: Guardian of the Greens”

The print is inspired by the fantastic story of the anime Monster Movie: Kaiju Vegetable Broccoli. This famous Japanese story is based on the superfood monster known as Brocco Kong. The story tells the epic tale of a magical broccoli tree in the land of Nourishia. 

If you enjoy the story of “Brocco Kong,” you can utilize your own experiences to express your style, which can draw inspiration from both the inherent strength of the natural world and the captivating tale of Brocco Kong.

'Freshniss' Cotton T-shirt

Breathable Fabric

The fabric we choose provides you with comfort and breathable, cozy experiences with our advanced cotton quality throughout the day. The finest cotton fibers we use in this tee ensure our promise of unmatched ease with a trendy style. Boost your confidence with a funky, unique design that distinguishes you from the crowd by making a fashion statement. 

'Freshniss' Cotton T-shirt

Color Option

Our ‘Freshniss’ Cotton T-shirt combines simplicity and elegance and is now available in timeless White and classic Black. Increase the versatility and refined charm of your wardrobe with these monochromatic options.

Classic White

Effortlessly chic, the Classic White ‘Freshniss’ T-shirt is a piece of pure elegance. Embrace the clean and timeless appeal that complements any outfit or occasion. It’s an evergreen wardrobe favorite that looks well with anything.

'Freshniss' Cotton T-shirt

Jet Black

Make a bold statement with the Jet Black ‘Freshniss’ T-shirt. Versatile and commanding, it adds an edge to your look, whether you’re out for a casual day or ready for a night on the town. Black is not just a color; it’s a lifestyle.  

'Freshniss' Cotton T-shirt

             Limited edition

This T-shirt is part of a special collection, so not many people will have it – it’s a bit unique and exclusive.

'Freshniss' Cotton T-shirt

Simple and Easy Care

Keep your ‘Freshniss’ tee looking long-lasting by just following these simple steps:

  • Machine Wash Cold: A gentle cleanse will keep the fabric’s vibrancy intact. Like a refreshing dip in cool waters, your hoodie will thank you for the care.
  • Avoid Ironing: Let your hoodie bask in its natural beauty. Avoiding the iron ensures the fabric retains its softness and the artistry of its prints remains undisturbed.
  • Do Not Tumble Dry: Give your T-shirt the luxury of air-drying. Like a gentle breeze, this method preserves the integrity of the fabric, allowing it to embrace you with the same warmth and softness every time.

Sizes that fit your style

You can choose to accord to your style whether you want a body hug T-shirt or breathy big one for extra comfort and style, so here is the table chart for the ‘Freshniss’ Size Guide:


Bust (inches)

Waist (inches)

Small (S)



Medium (M)



Large (L)



XL (Extra Large)



Choose according to your size based on your bust and waist measurements. Remember, it’s all about feeling comfy and looking fantastic in your ‘Freshniss’ cotton T-shirt! However, and as a friendly reminder, this chart serves as a reference, and we encourage embracing a 1-3 cm margin for hand measurements—an artisan touch to ensure flexibility in your sizing journey.

Confused with Size

The door to accurate measurements opens with our user-friendly sizing guide. If navigating numbers feel like a puzzle, fear not. Share your height, weight, and bust size with us, and our dedicated team will become your personal style architect, ensuring your comfort and choice.


Q: What makes the ‘Freshniss’ T-shirt special?

A: The ‘Freshniss’ T-shirt is more than just clothing. Tiny Spark ensures a blend of comfort, style, and unique Japanese anime prints. With top-notch cotton, vibrant colors, and playful designs featuring broccoli, fresh and forest vegetables, it’s your wearable clothes for self-expression.

Q: How do I choose the right size?

A: Easy peasy! Check our size chart for bust and waist measurements. If you like a body fit, go a size down; for a more relaxed feel, size up for the funky style. Comfort is key!

Q: How should I care for my ‘Freshniss’ tee?

A: Keeping it fresh is simple! Machine wash with similar colors in cool water, use a gentle cycle, and air dry. Treat it well, and it’ll remain your stylish companion.

Q: Are the prints durable?

A: Absolutely! Our Japanese anime prints are made to last. With quality materials and meticulous printing, your ‘Freshniss’ tee stays vibrant through wash after wash.

Q: Can I wear it for casual occasions?

A: Totally! ‘Freshniss’ tees are designed for casual cool. Whether it’s a coffee date, a stroll in the park, or a weekend getaway, your tee adds a touch of playful style.

Q: Is there a return policy?

A: Abso;utely! We want you to love your ‘Freshniss’ tee. Check out our return policy on the website for all the details.

Q: Where Do the Materials Come From?

We carefully select our materials to ensure quality and comfort. We believe in transparency, so you can be confident that your ‘Freshniss’ tee is made of the highest quality materials, providing the ideal blend of style and coziness.

Q: Do I Have Any guarantees?

Yes, certainly! We stand behind the quality of our ‘Freshniss’ Cotton T-shirt. If you have any problems or are not completely satisfied, our guarantee will cover you. Our top priority is your complete satisfaction!

Q: What Is So Special About Tiny Spark Products?

Tiny Spark products are created with a dedication to originality, comfort, and style. The ‘Freshniss’ Cotton T-shirt, illustrated with a vibrant sun, exemplifies our commitment to bringing joy and creativity into your wardrobe. Each piece is more than just a piece of clothing; it is a spark of uniqueness in the world of fashion. Join the Tiny Spark revolution, where every item has a story to tell!

Tiny Spark Shop is here to surprise you with the ‘Freshniss’ Cotton T-shirt.

  • Who doesn’t love soft clothing? Cotton is mainly used in garments for this reason – it is breathable, soft, and super comfortable.

  • The backside really has a lot going on!
  • This graphic print t-shirt is a must-have for all the pals with a funky taste.

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  • Machine wash cold
  • Do not iron, do not tumble dry

Size corresponds to the description. Our model is 108 cm and is wearing 104/110.

  • Length: Ankle length
  • Inside leg: 36 cm at size 104/110
  • Outside leg: 48 cm at size 104/110

Size Guide


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do the Materials Come From?

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Do I Have Any Guarantee?
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What Is so Special About Tiny Spark Products?
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