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Dual Match Pastel Pink Hoodie

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About The Product

Tiny Spark, synonymous with comfort and style, introduces one of its winter wear masterpieces to your fashion excellence. Imagine wrapping yourself in the blissful embrace of cotton blend softies or hugging a cuddly little Maltese while lying in the comfort of your mattress. Isn’t that a good feeling? Yes, we are talking about that exactly! A garment that can remind you of the cool climate of northern Europe amidst the Alps or the stunning backdrop of the Himalayas in Asia – the Dual Match Pastel Pink Hoddie is here to elevate your winter fashion statement. So get ready to experience the cold winters through a comfortable and durable fabric choice!

Dual Match Pastel Pink Hoodie

But why choose this winter wear for your shivering winters? What exactly sets it apart? Well, it’s got much more than meets the eye! An appreciation of your skin and senses. This sweater holds the key to your inner satisfaction. Cosy and comfy as it is, you’ll be amazed to look at yourself in the mirror as it reflects your confidence and self-esteem through and through. Such an experience is akin to dressing up for a unique urban event, with added comfort and snuggliness! What’s that – save you from getting cold? Yes, absolutely! The sweater sleeves are curated skillfully to bid goodbye to the cold winds and nourish the inner warmth.

Also, this sweater embodies the haven of self-expression through its aesthetics, design, and practicality. This sweater is more than just a garment to fill your wardrobe; it’s a belief, a promise to offer you the best of winter calmness. Tiny Sparks’ Dual Match Sweater symbolises your taste and dedication to pushing the limits of fashion excellence. 

Dual Match Sweater: A Melody of the Winters!

Whimsical Perfectionism – Embracing the Skillful Sweater Design

Picture yourself visiting a dreamy fairy forest, falling to its spell, and the touch of the textured softness of those pine leaves, playing a sonnet of sophistication to your soul. You experience that when you caress the Dual Match Sweater from Tiny Spark. Despite embodying its winter wear status, the sweater weaves a tapestry of cosiness, making it an eye-catching masterpiece.


Adding to its charm is the silhouette of a cuddly teddy bear lost in the fantasies of an enthralling novel against the backdrop of beautiful scenery. And a butterfly gracefully capturing the desires of its heart offers an incomparable feeling of eudaimonia, eternal happiness to your soul.

Sewing the Artistic Wintermark: A Bold and Stylish Typography

Above and beyond the picturesque enchantment lies the symbolic statement of style and finesse – the “Dual Match” typography. This bold and highlighted text appeals to modernity and mirrors the oath of revolution in winter fashion trends. It’s a ‘written declaration’ of your uniqueness and individuality, guiding you through and through your artistic endeavours.

Combining these elements into a cosy, snuggly sweater takes incredible attention to detail and hard work. The teddy bear, the butterfly, the scenic snow-covered mountains, and the verdant forests are interconnected into a melody of winter music. Storylines are created through these elements to shed light on the beauty of life in the lifeless, snowy landscapes. The Dual Match Sweater by Tiny Spark is home to this surreal world.

If you want to be part of this extraordinary feeling, try our range of hoodies and share your story!

Robust Yet Cozy Fabric Piece: A Prose of Softness and Durability

Exemplifying the perfect exquisiteness of the textile innovation, the Tiny Spark brings forth the Dual Match sweater – a prose that narrates the confidence that comes with comfort and durability. With the best materials for any fashion clothing, the incredibly artistic and intellectual blend of cotton and polyester doesn’t need any detailed introduction! It’s an evolution of the mindset that emphasizes creating a novel solution. Wear this hoodie to feel the full range of this sensory experience and unlock the secret of eternal clothing pleasure and satisfaction.

Incredible Legacy of Cotton: The Unsung Hero of Softness

Picture the soft touch of cotton. Oh wait, you don’t have to! Our Dual Match Sweater boasts the best quality cotton experience that goes beyond imagination. The cotton fibres mirror the violin strings playing warm music in a cold arctic spectacle. This fabric marks Tiny Spark’s insight to impart a delicate touch of warmth, ensuring every moment with this sweater is a special moment of coziness.

soft touch of cotton
Photo by Tiny Spark

The Wall of Polyester: Strengthening the Gentle Cotton

Introducing the unsung knight of our story – strong polyester fabric. Despite lacking a knight’s sparkle and shine, it does its job gracefully to impart strength to its gentle companion – cotton. The fabric upholds its durability to protect the sweater against all kinds of wear and tear. A beautiful synergy between cotton and polyester is highlighted, with cotton taking the reins of comfort and polyester inspiring the garment’s durability. Nonetheless, this fabric doesn’t just protect you; it empowers you to become something better or draws out the phenomenal inner you!

Limitless Comfort Through Regular Fitness: Confluence of Style and Ease

Equipped with the best-in-class weavers, designers, and curators, Tiny Spark offers a reason to celebrate with the Dual Match Sweater. The winter wear highlights individuality through its sleeve and hem, meticulously woven into this tableau of snuggly comfort. Drape yourself with it and see the spell it casts on your every curve, exemplifying its incomparable fitness. If this isn’t enough, you are greeted with limitless comfort akin to hugging a cuddly teddy bear. It’s not just about fashion anymore; it’s about imparting a lifelong experience, and this sweater stands true to its promise of quality experience!

Photo by Tiny Spark

Stretching Limits of Breathability: Drifting to Creative Freedom

A rich clothing experience is a friend that never leaves your side! Our Dual Match Sweater, through its mildly stretchable fabric, enters into this bond of eternal friendship with you. This garment adapts to your needs like a loyal and faithful pet, imparting ease of movement. Donning this slice of heaven feels like skin that allows you to breathe through its fabric! Isn’t it amazing?? This makes it perfectly suitable against sustaining cold and redefining your winter wear wardrobe.

Cosplay of Colours: Envisioning the Strength of Hues!

Picture this: an old and wise lady sharing her wisdom through knitted sweaters infused with love, care, and devotion for you! Such is our goodwill towards elevating your winter wear experience. So, get ready as we bring you the colours of destiny to paint your life with – khaki, black, and white! Allow us to take you on a ride to these three colourful attractions!

Khaki: From the Lap of Gaia

Here’s the epitome of earthiness – Khaki. The colour isn’t like any other and stands out with its understated influence on a piece of textile. Speaking its heart out – khaki appeals to wearers who prefer the laid-back journey, imbibing one experience at a time. Inspired by the organicity of Mother Earth, khaki stays by your side to make a soft yet alluring fashion statement!

Black: Transitioning Through Timelessness

Photo by Tiny Spark

Black, the hallmark of timeless aesthetics, imparts eternal youth to the wearer! Are you worried about your ageing appearance? Don the black Dual Match Sweater from Tiny Spark and bring out your younger self to the fore! Transition through time with a portal of versatility and create your mystic charm and allure. Whether a bright, sunny day or a dark, blissful night, black’s authority and dominance take you to a whole new level!

White: Worshipping the Virgin Winter Charm

Photo by Tiny Spark

More than just an achromatic colour, white, the tableau of serenity, is an appreciation of your authenticity and originality. A tribute to liveliness and creative freedom, the colour can go beyond nurturing your wild imagination – it can break the shackles of uninspiring orthodox beliefs! Nothing quite holds a chance against its pure angelic beauty, transcending it into a league of its own. If this color is close to your heart, our white Dual Match Sweater will do justice to your fashion ensemble!

Crowning the Uncrowned: The Stylish Allure of the Hooded Round Neck

Featuring the hooded round neck, the symbol of stylish allure, our Dual Match Sweater redefines the blue-bloodedness of royalty. What’s that – an overstatement? Not really! The neckline seamlessly combines the best functionality and aesthetics, reflecting the signature fashion statement that completes your ensemble!

The hooded round neck isn’t just an over-the-top feature; it’s a style revolution. Like a painter adding delicate strokes to make a masterpiece, the round neck perfectly covers every corner of your face, shielding your cheekbones and neck. Curated by the skill and ingenuity of the designers, the hooded round-neck glorifies your ensemble with comfort and trendiness.

As an archetypical icon of minimalism, the relevance of timeless sophistication is reflected through the round neck. An embodiment of refined taste, this priceless style expression represents elegance and casualness. So what are you waiting for? Buy our Dual Match Sweater and turn your ensemble into an eye-catching style statement!

Story of Brand Designing Success: Tiny Spark’s Epic Role!

Tiny Spark speaks to the language of passion, perfection, creativity, and excellence. Dipped in the sweet portion of success, the brand has carved out its success story, inspiring millions of people to showcase their individuality. We emphasize surpassing the boundaries of style and rekindling a spark of distinct charm in our vibrant clothing collection.

Breaking the Labels: Forging a New Era With Dual Match Sweater

Dual Match Sweater, an epitome of our winter wear excellence, composes a symphony of values and ethos that resonated in every corner of Tiny Spark. We become more than just a label; reaching the heights of cherished craft appreciation, we forge a destiny through our skill, precision, dedication, and influence. We establish a standard of experience felt by the beloved wearers of our dual-match sweater collection and make our efforts shine through this refined fashion insignia.

Nature-Inspired Designs: Picturesque Storytelling Through a Fabric

At Tiny Spark, we are inspired by Mother Nature, artistically stretching its beauty to an eternally blissful landscape. Incorporating designs comes easy when you have such a magical force by your side! Drawing the bear, the butterfly, and the picturesque haven adds subtle and authentic charm to our winterwear sweater. Hues and colours take us to an imaginative world that no one can overlook. If anything, it’s a reflection of a creative design masterpiece.

Care Instructions: To Preserve Your Experience!

The Dual Match Sweater, a kiss of love from Tiny Spark, should be treated with care. Retain its cosy and snuggly reputation by following essential instructions to increase lifespan. If you want to keep your sweater the same as when you bought it, respect it, and you’ll be served.

  • At the helm of ease-of-use and low maintenance, the Dual Match Sweater is sensitive to this vital reagent – water. Our cuddly guy here loves water, but only when it’s cold; that’s what it’s made for. Why not hot water? Our little friend may fall apart with the humid summer’s intense, sizzling heat!
  • Remember those warnings on various clothes about ironing and tumble drying? Well, it turns out our guy is a strict cult follower! Just picture a gentle breeze kissing every pore of your skin. It feels like heaven!!! Our Dual Match Sweater loves its shapes and colours; it likes being sun-kissed on a beautiful morning! So, irons and tumble dryers are a no-no!

Size and Fit Details: Fitting That Matches Your Awesomeness!

Are you still bothered by the memories of loose and bland sweaters? A garment that did help you stand out – but not in a good way?? Tiny Spark has been an unpaid therapist to its wearers who wish to fulfill the quest for a perfect fit! How? By removing the curtains of opaqueness and providing you with the transparency you deserve! 

Our Dual Match Sweater is ready to serve you in all ranges of sizes. Whether standing out in a crowd or camouflaging among the diversity, we’ve got your back! Study our detailed size chart and choose the one that fits your beaming awesomeness!

And don’t you worry about comfort! Nothing can shake us from our unwavering dedication to sophistication – not even the size variations. Every inch and centimetre is meticulously considered to provide you with the best clothing experience. So, seize this opportunity to make your fashion dreams come true.

Hassle-Free Delivery: Let’s Meet at Your Doorstep!

Can’t wait to don your sweater and become the talk of the town? Tiny Sparks takes care of your needs with seamless and hassle-free delivery expertise. We are more than just a shopping store – we are a true confidant you can rely on for every need! Now, let’s prove why you deserve our services!

  1. How long does it take to receive an order?

Our delivery times range from 7 to 21 working days. But the best part? We also deliver products in less than a week. Providing you with the best possible rates on your orders, we avoid working with any intermediaries. Our relationship goes beyond fruitless expenses and labour costs. And if you don’t receive your order within 60 days, we make it up to you with our word – we provide you a full refund, and you can keep the item when you receive it.

  1. My shipping address is outside the United States. Will I receive my order?

Absolutely! We extend our services beyond the boundaries of the United States. We extend our services worldwide without any compromise or negligence. Our priority is to offer the best services, which we stick to through thick and thin!

  1. How can I track my package?

You can track the status of your order by clicking the following link. This helps you locate your order and ensures appropriate delivery time. 

  1. How much does delivery cost?

Charging no more than your order’s price, Tiny Spark ensures the delivery of your products with no minimum quantity per order. Our products are delivered worldwide.

  1. I didn’t receive my order yet.

Don’t worry! Tiny Spark takes care of all of your deliveries, ideally. With customer satisfaction as our priority, we assume total responsibility and don’t put all the blame on the carrier. We take the initiative and send you a new package at our expense. For further issues, you can contact us by e-mail at [email protected].

Seamless Payments

  1. What are the payment methods?

We accept payments for your order by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal, and thanks to our SSL encryption, our payments are 100% secure.

  1. Are payments on the site secure?

Tiny Spark uses a certified payment gateway provider, where all the credit card credentials are encrypted per the PCI-DSS standard. Our payment gateway provider has been audited by an independent quality assessor, qualified for security according to PCI (PCI Qualified Security Assessor, QSA), and is certified as a PCI level 1 service provider. It is the strictest level of certification available in the payments industry.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Can I change my order?

Yes, you can change your order unless your order is “in process”.

  1. Can I cancel my order?

Absolutely! You can cancel your order! However, you’ll pay 40% of the purchase price if the order has already shipped.

What if we say that this hoodie has the perfect feel-good quotient to raise your spirits? It features a fluffy teddy bear supposedly reading a book while a butterfly rests on it. The backdrop is beautified by nature, hills amounting to delightful scenery. The design is accentuated by the bold and bright typography that reads “Dual Match”. The goodness of cotton and polyester screams confidence, comfort, and durability. It has its hem and sleeves cuffed to gift you the snuggly feeling while keeping out the cold. Our apparel is made with mildly stretchable cotton and polyester to provide a breathable fit suitable for non-extreme weather conditions. Pair this with your vibrant printed jeans for a dapper OOTD. 

  • Material: Cotton & Polyester
  • Fit: Regular
  • Color Options: Khaki, Black, White
  • Neckline: Hooded Round Neck


  • Please consider a variation of 1-3 cm from the sizing mentioned in the size chart as the products are measured by hand.                      
  • There could be a slight difference in the actual product’s colors due to the variable lighting and brightness of computer devices. 

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  • Machine wash cold
  • Do not iron, do not tumble dry

Size corresponds to the description. Our model is 108 cm and is wearing 104/110.

  • Length: Ankle length
  • Inside leg: 36 cm at size 104/110
  • Outside leg: 48 cm at size 104/110

Size Guide


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